English Lyrics

RICCIULÈ’ (Single)

(Music and lyrics by M. Caiano)



The more I look at you the more my heart

tells me I want to see you

and it fills my eyes

with a never ending light.

The more I look at you the more my hand

trembles hard because I want to touch you

I have no words but I know, Ricciulè

you’ve already understood.

Tonight I beg you, sky, please help me

don’t abandon me just now

and tell her I would kiss her with a kiss

for every star that only you can give me.

Moon, don’t be jealous tonight

please, rise soon and do not speak

your silver light is nice, oh yes

but she’s a diamond and you mustn’t forget this.

Ricciulè, you were near the see

and there you were waiting for me

Siren of this world

you saved me while I was drowning.

Ricciulè, you were near the sea

and there you met me

queen of my heart

I’m happier and happier for this light,

for this light that doesn’t die.

The more I listen to you the more my mouth

strongly desires to talk to you

and makes me say such words

that even sugar would taste bitter if it could hear them.

Breeze of this night, please whisper to her ears

not to make me wait, I’m anxious,

this love is like fire under the ash

and there’s no water that can put it out.






(Music and lyrics by M. Caiano)


Going down the stairs

of the Pedamentina*

where the colors make this city alive,

where every stone could tell love stories

between anonymous, ageless knights

and long-haired little girls

without shoes and nobility.

From the top of San Martin

the ancient walls kiss the blue sky

the sun heats the stone.

Six boys, a ball, “pass here, Pino!”

My home is not distant,

there I left my heart and the soul of my father

and when I get into the street

Our Lady in the niche invites me to pray.

Give me roads to be crossed

give me eyes to look at you

clear spring water to drink

bread baked in a wood oven and fruit sweetened by the sun.

Give me air to breath

stars in the sky to sigh

moon rays above the sea

an ancient song from a long time ago.

Walking through the neighborhood

my people lean out for greeting me

they ask me from the heart

“how do you do Mariano, your sisters, and how’s your mother?”

I see all around me the joy of who tries to give

some love, that makes me feel well,

give me strength and doesn’t make me think.

Walking through the neighborhood

the desire to walk became stronger,

memories return, memories of this boy

who was born there fifty years ago.

Walking through the neighborhood

I still feel that scent of freedom

the fresh air of the nights

spent playing guitar and singing ….




(Music and lyrics by M. Caiano)


Mama Cuba listen to me

this rhythm is for you

play hard with your ton*

guy, sing chacha with the heart!

Scents, colors in this street

if you go above or get down you’ll find cheer,

people who smile in the harsh poverty

they are exactly like us*, they try to make a living here!

Children, noises in every street

as on the occasion of a feast day of a Saint, or of the Virgin Mary

every occasion is always good to sing, play and dance

all of this is Mama Cuba, you can’t be wrong!

Joys and fears written over these dark-skin faces

like the moldy walls of the houses

where the sun never get in

and will never do.

Love is sweeter in these streets

it doesn’t want neither gold nor diamonds, only melodies

songs with a musical tune from a long time ago

but this song would be good too, it is a cha-cha-cha!

Mama Cuba, this night you’ll sing

Mama Cuba, for all your children

Mama Cuba, your fire will heat

Mama Cuba El Che, hasta siempre libertad!

Napoli, Havana, Santiago de Cuba

sounds and colors of good time gone

and in the Spanish Districts I lived

many years of my youth, at my grandparents’ home.

I spent that years watching and listening

and that’s how I formed my identity

breaking down walls, crossing borders

and this is what music makes to me

I’ll never change because it fulfill me

and it doesn’t matter how it comes out…




(Music and lyrics by M. Caiano)


We feel so bad, crucified on our crosses

time goes by and we can never get it clear

and some days are so dark, darker than nights

that even the sea is deep and dark like tar.

We feel so bad, with our back against the wall

things are way weird, we never feel secure

how many words disturb our brain

and how many bite-marks we have on the skin

We feel so bad, we feel so bad

we feel so bad while dancing a desperate tango.

We feel so bad, shouting without voice

watching around looking for some peace

we always pray God, our eyes toward the sky,

but it leaves a bad taste in our mouth and we no longer know

the meaning of feeling good.

We feel so bad, we are consumed with rage

thinking about “how good I was until yesterday”

looking back at school time

and how we are today bound hand and foot.

Italy of these lords, who dig up dirt on our Country,

and we, poor people, always pay the bill

taxes are like protection money and what is the difference?

As if we can afford to pay VAT on the stomachache.

Noble lords, bloodsucker of this system

because of what you steal, even the earth cries out every day and trembles beneath our feet

but even the earthquake became a business

your law, bastard, says: “everything for us and nothing for them”.

And the same as Alì Babà and the 40 Thieves

you are in the Parliament and are all disreputable

sitting with the crown on thrones of velvet

can you tell me please, who is the idiot who voted you?

To these vampires in double breasted-jacket who make us sick

I’d throw bulbs of garlic in their face and then I’d put them in a coffin,

I’d torch them in a heart beat

So they would finally stop stealing and exploiting.

Desperate tango

Desperate tango…

We feel so bad, we feel so bad

we feel so bad while dancing a desperate tango.




(Music and lyrics by M. Caiano)


And how beautiful it is walking on sunshine

and feeling his warmth on the skin,

the warmth that heat the soul of who has been in the cold

of who has had enough and is finished with the past.

And how it is beautiful walking in the moon

watching the sky and counting the stairs one by one

praying to God that a bad situation turn out well

and the misfortune remain out of the door.

But you spin round over this world

that pulls you and doesn’t make you stop

like a black phantom you continuously go round

and cross the wall of this frenzy to set you free.

But you, to have a bit of good,

are able to sell your honor and your dignity

you are never satisfied, nothing is never enough for you

you don’t know the joy of simplicity.

And how beautiful it is walking in this rain

that wet the face, soak the clothes and you don’t realize

that the darker cloud also make color

like and old painting, torment of a painter.

And how beautiful it is walking near the sea

putting the naked feet inside the water and breathing

that good air that enter into your veins

as if it were the breath of an angel next to you.

But you, to have a bit of good,

are able to sell your honor and dignity

you are never happy, nothing is never enough for you

you don’t know the joy and happiness.



(Music and lyrics by M. Caiano)


Get out of here and don’t say anymore

get out of here, you’re a hypocrite and skunk

get out of here, snake between roses

you’re nothing and cost less than a fizzy drink.

Get out of here and don’t touch anything else

get out of here, you steal the soul from people

get out of here, you’re a slimy slippery guy

you have a lot of friends, first you praise then you use them.

Get out of here, badger of my mind

get out of here, you’re darker than the night

get out of here, ‘cause you’re without sun

you were born in che cold and you’ve got ice in your heart.

Get out of here and cover your face

get out of here owl, I’ll throw you out of here

get out of here, you’re like a sikly nefarious

sick, you’re like a lecherous priest.

Get out of here, bottom of a greasy pan

get out oh here, you’ve got mountains in your head

get out of here, you’ve never thought

you’re envious, old-fashioned, ruined.

Get out of here, ‘cause you think to be a worthy person

get out of here, ‘cause you seat on the throne of the idiots

get out of here and you even went to school

but when you speak you cannot even say a word.

Get out of here wobbly chair

get out of here, bitten dog’s ear

get out of here fart of a dilated anus

I hope you bleed, you’re like thirst in the desert.

Get out of here and learn to be a man

get out of here you’re like dirty foam on the waves

get out of here guy and keep away from me

I gave you a little bit of help and you soon took advantage.

Get out of here barrel without cork full of diarrhea

get out of here you’re like fireworks in the water

get out of here blabber mouth gone bad

you’re the worst sort of man that I’ve ever understood.